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Our solutions

Our end-to-end solutions continue growing. We’re all about introducing new and better technology – and helping you to leapfrog to best-of-breed.
  • ICT solutions (set-up and maintenance of office networks and servers, as well as trouble-shooting). This includes assisting you to create virtual office environments in response to Covid-19

  • Telecoms (including the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) options)

  • Office automation (supply and maintenance of printers and copiers)

  • Digital signage

  • Supply and maintenance of Sharp’s range of technology solutions (from printers and copiers through to digital advertising screens)

  • Security (including CCTV and alarm installation and maintenance)

All of the above solutions are offered nation-wide.

Our customer contact centre offers immediate access to help if and when you need it. We also provide you with a digital support option.

Efficiency and the environment

As a future-facing company we promote the use of eco-friendly devices. This includes both energy-efficiency, as well as extending to the materials used by the devices themselves (e.g. paper-stitching in printers for between 5 – 8 pages, and eco-friendly ink).

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